Our average escape adventure has over 3 rooms—some of them hidden from the naked eye! We have taken realism to a new level compared to other escape rooms with authentic props, design, and decor.

Often, objects you encounter in our breakout rooms are antiques, time-appropriate to the theme, or high-quality props and puzzles built custom for us.


Jail Break

You and your friends are competing with the town’s largest real estate developer to buy a large tract of land from a local farmer. The Farmer wants to sell to you, but his son wants to sell to your competition. To acquire the land, a hitman for the developer has murdered the farmer and framed you for the crime!

Da Vinci Heist

For the first time since 1963, the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, has departed its homeland of Paris, France, and journeyed westward to the shores of America on a one-year display tour.

A Night At The Castle

You and your colleagues have arrived in Europe to visit the famed Neuschwanstein Castle. The purpose of your trip is not just to visit the beautiful 19th-century Fairytale Palace…

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Known for his obsession with eyes and scooping out his subjects blinkers, you must search his home to discover his holding room.


The 13th Floor takes place in the abandoned Henderson Hotel with a dark and twisted past.


Glyndwr has plans to take it back and is planning an epic battle but first he needs your help!